Sustainability takes planning. Regeneration takes vision.

Jim Root & Company is dedicated to working collaboratively to solve the
complex modern problems that face agriculture and food processing, with a keen
eye toward the conservation of land and resources. We understand how food
production can thrive under proper conservation policies, how agriculturists and
environmentalists can work toward the same goal and how applying smart
strategies to a long-range vision can achieve beneficial outcomes. With decades
of experience and a commitment to profitable results, Jim Root & Company
works for solutions that go beyond sustainability to regeneration.

Ag Sustainability - Overview

“We want to help producers find peace with environmentalists  through 
conservation because in the end conservation turns into profitability. 
Sometimes it’s in the value of the product, sometimes in the value
of the land. Conservation can show improvements in many ways.”


Ag Sustainability

Jim Root’s lifetime of experience in agriculture has provided him with a unique perspective on the industry. Having worked at every level, from the orchard to the executive office, he is qualified to manage any challenge in agriculture. Jim understands that long-term economic success is part of the sustainability picture and the human element is as important as the land and the process. He has a keen interest in helping companies in agriculture find their way to sustainable practices.

Areas of expertise:

  • Identifying strategies that demonstrate how food production thrives under proper conservation policies
  • Creating relationships between producers and environmentalists
  • Implementing sustainable and organic practices
  • Getting support for ranches, farms and orchards at the local, state and federal levels
Food Business - Overview

“We’re working to get results, specifically with regard to reducing energy 
intensity in food production. Sure, the process is fascinating and rewarding, 
but at the end of the day it’s the result that we are always working toward.”

Food Business

Having been the CEO of a fourth-generation international food-processing company, Jim Root is able to look at any food business and see a way to apply new ideas and efficient strategies. Jim has had direct practical experience at every level of food production, from the factory floor to international trade meetings. By looking at the bigger picture of food processing with regard to agriculture, sustainability and conservation, he is able to develop unique solutions to complex problems. In every analysis of a food company, Jim looks at the business with an eye toward innovation.

Areas of expertise:

  • Innovation in technology, energy intensity and organic processing
  • Developing ideas for product improvement, supply-chain efficacy and team development
  • Navigating government bureaucracy at the local, state and federal levels
  • Advancing marketing and business development on both the national and international levels
Conservation - Overview

“We look at the whole picture. If we’re working on a river, we envision a
system that has a whole form and function as a river, supporting all species
that rely on it, including the human element. Agriculture, ranching, humans,
and native fish and game—all can live in a mutually beneficial
way if resources are managed correctly.”


Jim Root has his eye firmly fixed on conservation, sustainability and regeneration because the legacy left for future generations is central to all that he does. The challenge of conservation often lies in the struggle between opposing forces; Jim’s problem-solving skills and ability to see land use holistically make him perfectly suited to listen to all sides and develop mutually beneficial strategies that ultimately result in better conservation practices. By working voluntarily on boards that conserve land, wildlife and resources at the local, national and international levels, Jim has acquired a wealth of information and a unique perspective that he brings to any new conservation project.

Areas of expertise:

  • Credibility with and access to key players in conservation and public policy
  • Ability to look at all uses of land—identifying opportunities for both business and conservation
  • Partnering agricultural operations and environmentally sustainable practices
  • Collaborating with key players and policymakers at the state, federal and international levels
Jim RootAfter successfully growing and managing a profitable international company, Jim Root is now focusing his attention on his passion: the intersection of agriculture, food production and conservation. Jim’s problem-solving skills and clear communication style—along with decades of experience in agriculture, food processing, international trade, public policy and conservancy—make him uniquely qualified to bring uncommon solutions to even the most complicated issues.  more...