Ag Sustainability Articles

“We want to help producers find peace with environmentalists  through 
conservation because in the end conservation turns into profitability. 
Sometimes it’s in the value of the product, sometimes in the value
of the land. Conservation can show improvements in many ways.”


Ag Sustainability

Jim Root’s lifetime of experience in agriculture has provided him with a unique perspective on the industry. Having worked at every level, from the orchard to the executive office, he is qualified to manage any challenge in agriculture. Jim understands that long-term economic success is part of the sustainability picture and the human element is as important as the land and the process. He has a keen interest in helping companies in agriculture find their way to sustainable practices.

Areas of expertise:

  • Identifying strategies that demonstrate how food production thrives under proper conservation policies
  • Creating relationships between producers and environmentalists
  • Implementing sustainable and organic practices
  • Getting support for ranches, farms and orchards at the local, state and federal levels
Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust Annual Report
Because conservation of land and resources is at the heart of everything Jim does, he is involved in a number of efforts—among them, serving as president of the Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust.

Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust
KBRT endeavors to restore and conserve the quality and the quantity of water in Oregon’s Wood River Valley and upper Klamath Basin.
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Jim Root currently serves on the Board of Directors of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.